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Clyde Burleson Houston DWI Attorney

Clyde Burleson a former Assistant District Attorney and served as one of the chief prosecutors for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

He is a leader in all aspects of alcohol-related law and legal defense. He is the lawyer other lawyers call when they need an expert witness. He is an expert in Field Sobriety Testing and has taken the same training courses police agencies require for their officers. He knows and understands not only the laws but also the intricate science underpinning a DWI charge. Most importantly, Mr. Burleson has successfully tried – not simply pleaded out – numerous DWI cases to the benefit of his DWI clients.

You need a Houston DWI attorney who will take the time to study the specifics of your case , explain your situation to you in plain everyday English (or Spanish), asses your particular options and then personally work with you to create an intelligent plan for your DWI defense.

Call Clyde Burleson, THE Houston DWI Attorney today:

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