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Houston DWI Lawyer Clyde W. Burleson, PC

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I’ve been a Houston DWI lawyer for over 25 years, as well as an Assistant District Attorney & Chief Prosecutor for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. I know first-hand how prosecutors work and the intricacies of the DWI legal process. My team stays up to date on the latest DWI laws and we’ve have helped hundreds of people develop their best DWI defense. In most instances, DWI charges have been dismissed, qualified for pre-trial intervention or given deferred adjudication. You can even get the record of your DWI arrest sealed. Call me directly on my cell for a free no-obligation DWI consultation.”

Houston DWI Lawyer Clyde W Burleson


You probably are not a hardened criminal. In other words, you made a mistake and need to know if you should hire a Houston DWI lawyer. However, it is essential that you know the consequences of a DWI conviction and understand the seriousness of your situation. This is not the time to go it alone.

1. You Only Have 15 Days To Save Your License by Requesting An ALR Hearing.

You only have 15 days to stop your license revocation by requesting an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing or lose your driver’s license. The ALR Hearing may be the most important thing you do as part of your DWI defense. Just because you were arrested for DWI does not mean that your license is automatically suspended, but you need to act fast.

2. The Choices You Make Today Will Affect the Rest of Your Life.

You face a number of penalties, including jail time. Moreover, your problems get more punitive, complicated and expensive if this is not your first DWI. As a result, you need to consult a Houston DWI lawyer for an expert opinion. A DWI conviction can stay on your criminal record for life.  Don’t let a mistake ruin your future.

3. A Proven DWI Lawyer > Overworked Public Defender.

DWI charges require a proven Houston DWI lawyer. Do not leave anything to chance or in the hands of an overworked public defender. DWI is a serious crime and a conviction comes with harsh penalties. A DWI defense must include elements that only an experienced DWI lawyer will know.

4. The Penalties For A DWI In Houston Are Severe.

A first DWI conviction will incur penalties such as:

  • $3,000 fine
  • 180 days in jail
  • 1 year license suspension

The penalties for DWI only get worse if you have:

  • Been convicted of DWI in the past
  • Have a BAC over .15
  • Cause damage or bodily harm death.
  • Are underage

5. The Costs Of A DWI Conviction Are High.

  • Towed Vehicle Costs
  • Bond
  • Pre-Trial Supervision
  • Drug Tests
  • Interlock
  • Scram Device
  • Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Fees
  • Occupational License
  • SR-22 Costs
  • Pre-Paid Insurance
  • License Reinstatement Fee
  • Car Insurance Rate Increase
  • Court Costs
  • Pre-Trial Intervention Fees
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss Of Job
  • Treatment Programs

6. Hiring Houston DWI Lawyer Clyde W. Burleson, PC is the Right Decision.

The cost of a Houston DWI lawyer is a lot less than the cost of a DWI in Texas. Call for a Free consultation today



1. Clyde Answers His Phone!

Clyde Burleson is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and will take your call directly.  When you call you won’t be speaking with a low-level assistant looking to screen your call or see if you have the money to pay. Consultations are free and there is no obligation.

2. He Knows the Importance of the Administrative License Revocation Hearing / ALR Hearing.

The Administrative License Revocation Hearing (ALR) may be the most important part of your DWI defense. You only have 15 days after your arrest to schedule an ALR so you can keep your driver’s license. If you don’t request a hearing in the time, your license will be automatically suspended.  In addition to allowing you to retain your  driving privileges, this hearing also gives your lawyer the opportunity to gather the facts and evidence he needs to successfully defend your DWI case to the best of their ability. Your lawyer will get the chance to question the arresting officer and any other witnesses, as well as receive any files the District Attorney’s Office normally would not let you have access to.

3. He Knows Your DWI Rights.

Do you know your rights when charged with a DWI offense? Do you know that you have the right to remain silent and not answer any questions without legal representation? Are you aware that you have the right to refuse a field sobriety test? A violation of your lawful rights during any part of your arrest and trial could result in the charges against you being thrown out of court. Knowing your rights and when to exercise them could mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. Clyde W. Burleson, P.C. knows the importance of protecting your rights and will fight to ensure that all laws and procedures have been followed.

4. Clyde Knows the Tough New DWI Penalties & Surcharges Enacted by the Texas State Legislature.

Besides legal fees and the possibility of incarceration, are you aware that if you receive a final conviction for a DWI or DUI that you will have to pay thousands of dollars in fees and surcharges to get your license back? Failure to pay these surcharges as scheduled will result in an automatic license suspension. Only when the remaining outstanding balance is paid in full can your license be reinstated. Clyde stays up-to-date on all changes in the Texas DWI penalties & laws and has the knowledge and experience to help you avoid costly fines and jail time.

5. He Knows the Worst DWI Mistakes You Can Make and How to Avoid Them.

The worst mistake you could make after a DWI or DUI arrest is to not seek legal help. Don’t assume just because you’ve been arrested on a DWI or DUI charge that you can’t win your case! Don’t let them take away your license by not scheduling a Administrative License Revocation Hearing! Do not waive your rights to accept a plea bargain! Avoid the mistakes that could lead to a conviction and costly fines by seeking the advice of a top Houston DUI attorney like Clyde Burleson. He’ll evaluate your case and prevent you from making the serious yet all too common DWI mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars and even your freedom!

6. Clyde Knows DWI Defense.

DWI is a CRIMINAL charge, not a misdemeanor like a traffic ticket. There are serious consequences for a conviction on a DWI charge, ones that could ruin your life and career. Don’t mess around. You need an attorney like Clyde Burleson who has years of experience in DWI cases and knows the crucial elements a defense strategy must include to insure that your case gets the best resolution possible. Clyde is the DWI attorney other DWI attorneys call when they need an expert witness.

Houston DWI Lawyer

I Did Everything Wrong

I was stopped for DWI in June 2016. When questioned, I responded honestly. After all, I consider myself to be an accountable person. For instance, I admitted to having drinks at a bar earlier in the evening.  Secondly, I voluntarily took a field sobriety test. After that, I offered to take a breath test. In other words…

As a result, there I was in a 20′ x 15′ holding cell with 40 other criminals. Firstly, I was charged with DWI. Secondly, I was also charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon even though I had a CHL. How was that possible? Nobody would tell me. However, they made it very clear I could lose my right to own a firearm.  Meanwhile, my wife could not get any information since I was unable to call her.

Eventually, I was released after posting bail with little more than a court date and a stack of papers I could not decipher.

You Need a Houston DWI Lawyer

As a result, we contacted Clyde. He listened intently and asked lots of questions. Subsequently, he requested an administrative license revocation hearing to save my license. Secondly, he prepared my DWI defense. We spoke regularly as the court date approached and he made it clear what our defense strategy was and exactly what I could expect.

I don’t know how I would have done this on my own. In short, you need a Houston DWI lawyer.

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