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Do You Need A DWI Lawyer In Houston Texas

Do You Need a DWI Lawyer in Houston?

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If you have been charged with a DWI in Houston, you are probably considering hiring a DWI lawyer.  While you may be tempted to use an overworked public defender or defend yourself, these options are shortsighted and potentially disastrous.

Here’s 7 reason’s you should hire a DWI Lawyer in Houston:

1. You Need to Act Fast to Save Your License

There isn’t time to learn on the fly when you only have 15 days to save your license at an ALR hearing. “What’s an ALR Hearing?” or “Why is an ALR hearing so important” you might be thinking. A good DWI lawyer is preparing for this part of your defense within hours of your initial consultation to avoid license suspension or acquire an operational license for your job.


2. You Need a DWI Lawyer to Evaluate Your Individual Legal Situation

The best DWI lawyers have years of experience analyzing DWI cases. This experience necessitates hiring a DWI attorney for your case. A DWI lawyer can review your case and get all the relevant facts for constructing a defense for YOUR case. A DWI lawyer will find supporting evidence that most overlook.


3. You Need to Have Proven Strategies for Any Circumstance

While your case needs to be evaluated individually, there are also proven DWI defense strategies that can and should be implemented to guarantee the best outcome for you and your future. A good DWI attorney has a ‘bag’ of these tactics that he wields like a golfer uses different clubs depending on distance & conditions. With apologies to ‘Caddyshack’, having an experienced DWI lawyer will keep you from hitting your ball into the lumberyard.


4. You Need Somebody to Handle the Paperwork

Legal proceedings include a LOT of paperwork filled with legal jargon. How can you create a DWI defense if you can’t understand the proceedings? One of the benefits of hiring a DWI Lawyer in Houston is that you have someone to manage all the minutiae surrounding your case.


5. You Need a Professional Attorney with Trial Experience

77% of people fear public speaking,  so it is safe to infer that you do as well. Now imagine public speaking with your freedom and finances on the line. In front of an intimidating Judge. Against a trained prosecutor who does it for a living. You can envision your audience in their underwear all you want, but you will always be at a distinct disadvantage.

6. You Need a Better Option Than a Public Defender

Court-appointed attorneys do the best job they can. However, they have staggering caseloads and limited resources that affect the quality of the DWI defense they can provide. Additionally, you may not even qualify if your finances are above a certain level and can even get charged for your court-appointed attorney after the fact!

7. You Need to Avoid Excessive Penalties

The main reason you need a DWI lawyer is to protect you from excessive penalties. DWI penalties can be severe, even a first DWI. That is why it’s essential to have the best Houston DWI Lawyer in your corner.

You Need to Call DWI Lawyer Clyde W. Burleson.

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