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How Long Does A DWI Stay On Your Record In Houston, Texas?

In Texas, a DWI stays on your criminal record for life. This is important because anybody who does a criminal background check will see your criminal DWI record. Consequently, a criminal DWI conviction will affect:

  • Short & long-term career prospects
  • Income
  • Housing options
  • Insurance premiums
  • Custodial rights
  • Gun ownership
  • Immigration status of non-U.S citizens
  • The ability to travel overseas

In other words, the collateral consequences of a DWI conviction can be more severe than the criminal penalties for DWI. Consequently, hiring an experience Houston DWI layer is a necessity, even for a first time DWI offense.

What Happens After a DWI Conviction in Houston, Texas?

Immediately after a DWI conviction is entered into a court record, it appears on your criminal record. Once entered, anybody looking into your criminal past will be able to see that you were convicted of DWI. Common situations include:

  • Employers
  • Landlords
  • Homeowners associations
  • Potential business partners

If you have been convicted of DWI in the past, the Law offices of Clyde W. Burleson, P.C. can help you check what others will see during a criminal record search. If your DWI conviction appears on your criminal record, we can explore options to resolve the situation.

How Can You Get Your DWI Conviction Sealed in Houston, Texas?

There are two ways you can seal your DWI record in Texas: expungement or nondisclosure. However, the laws surrounding non-disclosure and expungement in Texas are nuanced and ever-changing, so it is best to request a free consultation to review your best options.

Why You Should Contact a Houston DWI Lawyer Today

Houston DWI lawyer Clyde Burleson can help you at any stage of your DWI charge and can often:

  • Get your DWI charges dropped
  • Win an acquittal at trial.
  • The DWI charges reduced
  • DWI record sealed via expungement or nondisclosure

Don’t Let a DWI Stay on Your Record, Call for a Free DWI Consultation

In conclusion, you need an experienced DWI lawyer. Above all, get a Free DWI case evaluation from Contact Clyde W. Burleson, P.C. at 713-628-1503.


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