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How To Spot A Drunk Driver This Holiday Season

How to Spot a Drunk Driver This Holiday Season

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The holidays season is here and we want to warn Houston about a sight as common as Christmas tress and mistletoe…the holiday drunk driver. As a law firm, we want to inform you that December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about the consequences of driving under the influence.

Due to holiday celebrations, many drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol will get behind the wheel of a vehicle without thinking about the serious consequences they may cause.

What to Watch For

Be extra cautious on the road this season, especially if you’re driving between midnight and 3 a.m because that is the time when most drunk drivers are on the road. A drunk driver may exhibit the following driving behaviors:

  • Weaving in and out of lanes
  • Driving outside the lane marks
  • Stopping at a green light
  • Nearly colliding with cars
  • On the wrong side of the road
  • 10 mph under the speed limit
  • Breaking excessively
  • Driving on surfaces
  • Making wide turns

What Should You Do When You See a Drunk Driver?

Do not second guess yourself, if you find yourself behind a car that seems suspicious, automatically drive away from the vehicle. Do not stay on the road, drive too closely to the car or try to pass the vehicle because this may result in a car accident. Make sure everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt in case the drunk driver’s vehicle approaches yours.

Does It Do Any Good to Report a Drunk Driver?

Yes, you should report a drunk driver. Do NOT wait to contact your local law enforcement. There might be children or other passengers in the driver’s car and their lives are at risk. If you spot a reckless driver make sure to take notice of the license plate, model, and color of the vehicle. First, pull over and away from that vehicle. Then, call 9-1-1, provide the location, and the car’s description. Do not risk your life in order to get this information. The information you provide will help police officers identify the driver if he/she were to cause a serious accident down the road.

Contact Clyde W. Burleson If You Get Arrested for DWI

If you plan on drinking this holiday season, make sure to call a taxi or designate a sober driver beforehand. The Law Offices of Clyde Burleson is warning Houston about holiday drunk drivers and wants you to stay safe this holiday season!

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