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What Are DWI Education Programs?

What are DWI Education Programs?

There are several types of DWI education programs that are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TLDR):

DWI Education Program

This 12-hour program is usually done over a 2-day period and costs start at $70. The point of the class is to increase knowledge about alcohol, both from a personal usage and health point of view in addition to how it relates to driving. Topics often include:


DWI Intervention Program

This 32-hour program is done over the course of several weeks and costs start at $160. This class is generally reserved for multiple offense DWIs or for those that need additional insights that DWI education programs do not cover. The goal of the class is to intervene in drinking behaviors and encourage entry into treatment and prevent further alcohol abuse. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Lifestyle issues, values & self-esteem
  • Positive thinking vs. irrational beliefs
  • Physiological/psychological effects of drugs & alcoholism
  • Chemical dependency
  • How drug abuse affects family members & other collateral consequences of a DWI
  • Co-dependency
  • Responsibility, problem solving & action planning
  • Treatment options
  • Relapse prevention


Alcohol Education for Minors

This 6-hour class starts at $45 and is intended to increase knowledge about alcohol and drug use in minors. The class discusses:

  • Societal values related to alcohol consumption by minors
  • Influence of alcohol advertising on young people
  • The physical, social and psychological effects of alcohol upon young people
  • The relationship between motor vehicle and other accidents and alcohol use
  • Relevant laws relating to the purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors
  • Drinking patterns and problems of young people including abuse and addiction
  • Decision making skills

NEW – Online Alcohol Education Classes During Coronavirus

While alcohol education programs normally require that “Each instructor must be physically present in the classroom with all of the participants for each class”, this regulatory requirement has been waived by Governor Greg Abbott to provide education via remote classroom instruction. Learn more about Online Alcohol Education Classes during COVID-19


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If you or a loved one have been arrested for DWI and would like to avoid DWI Education Programs, contact Clyde W. Burleson P.C. at 713-628-1503 for a free consultation.

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