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Houston DWI Attorney Clyde Burleson Discusses High-Risk Driver Insurance Rates

Houston DWI attorney Clyde Burleson is here to make sure you get the defense you need after being charged with a DUI or DWI.  Don’t plead guilty or accept a plea bargain just because you don’t think you can win your case.  A guilty verdict for a DWI or DUI has serious and expensive consequences beyond jail time and fines, like the impact it will have on your auto insurance rates and coverage.

Don’t count on keeping your conviction a secret from your insurance company and don’t expect them to overlook a DWI or DUI conviction because you’ve been a loyal customer for years. You’ve become what insurance companies refer to as a “high-risk driver.” Chances are, your policy will be cancelled immediately.  And if your insurance company doesn’t cancel your policy outright, expect your rates to go up substantially, possibly beyond your ability to pay.  Major carriers usually do not insure drivers with a DWI or DUI conviction on their record, so you will be forced to deal with a smaller and possible less reputable insurer.

Higher insurance rates and/or cancelled insurance polices are just one of the many hardships imposed by a DUI or DWI conviction. Don’t go down without a fight. Houston DWI Lawyer Clyde Burleson has successfully defended numerous Houston DWI cases. A former Assistant District Attorney and one of the chief prosecutors for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), Clyde Burleson is familiar with all aspects of the Texas DWI laws. When you’ve been charged with DWI or DUI in Texas, remember time is not on your side – for the best defense possible, contact Houston DWI attorney Clyde Burleson at 713-628-1503 for a free consultation about your legal situation.

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